Anthony M Alcock


From the mid 1960s, I studied fine art and exhibited mainly in the UK midlands plus lecturing in the subject up until the summer of 1977, when I chose to turn to other ways of earning a living. However, In 1993 I was able to return full time to the world of art, only to realise that to be a practicing artist, one needs to fulfill five effective requirements: 1/ The wish to be so, 2/ The time to do it, 3/ A place to do it, (no matter where) 4/ Some materials with which to work, (no matter what) & 5/ Something to say. - and that matters! HELAS! After an prolonged absence from the world of serious artistic activity, times had changed. It was then the period of ‘Post Modernism’ and as a latent ‘Modernist’, I discovered I no longer had anything of significance to say. Fortunately, since then, through renewing my essays into art; I trust my vision continues to develop sufficiently to produce visual works of perception, interest and significance. In France, where I live and work identifying myself by my initials, 'AMA', I am considered as a 'Plasticien'; elsewhere, there are those who also recognise me as a 'Conceptualist'.

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